Many websites will tell you how to build a website. and Filmmaking Lifestyle both have great articles on the nitty-gritty of making a website as a filmmaker.

However, you need to make sure you cover your bases as far as content on that website. Here are the essentials.

1) Demo Reel

The first thing you need to have on your site regardless of who you are is your demo reel. Unless you’re in a filmmaking role that has absolutely nothing to do with motion or sound (which is unlikely), potential clients want to see how your work looks in action.

Demo reels are typically placed at or near the top of the website. Just make sure it’s easily accessible for site visitors since they’ll be looking for it.

2) Contact Info

Of course you want people to reach out to you. Can they?

If you don’t have contact info or an effective medium of communication on your site, then the site is all in vain. In addition to you email and phone number, include other ways to connect with you like your Instagram account, Facebook page, or IMDb page.

3) CV

What the heck is a CV?

CV stands for a really fancy term called “curriculum vitae” which basically means your life’s work. Your CV is a list of the projects you’ve worked on so that you can prove you’re a credible, working filmmaker.

Even if none of the projects you work on are big films that look fantastic you should still list them to show that you are active. Andrew David Watson’s CV can be seen on the left side of his home page as a list of projects he’s worked on. This builds instant trust with a potential collaborator since they assume that you must be a good person based on the fact that lots of other people wanted to work with you.

4) Positions

Your positions go hand-in-hand with your CV and you should list the positions that you’re willing to work as. For example, if you’re an actor, director, and 1st assistant camera, you should list these since you want people to know that you do work as these positions. As mentioned before, you want to carve out your niche so you probably want to focus your website on only one position such as actor OR cinematographer. Choose one position.

Happy Filming!


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