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NoFilmSchool (NFS) is undoubtably one of the most important filmmaking blogs on the Internet right now. NFS gathers information and knowledge from around the web to offer the latest film news for filmmakers.

NFS also offers a podcast and filmmakers of any experience level can get something out of subscribing to the blog and following them on social media.

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RedSharkNews (RSN) keeps you up-to-date on the latest tech news in the filmmaking space. RSN’s content tends to go deeper. The blog really gets into the details when it does product reviews and coverage of film events.

For the intermediate filmmaker looking to stay current on what’s happening in the film industry, RSN is the blog to follow. The best way to get their news is by subscribing to their email list so you get the most important information delivered directly to your email.

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Planet5D was born with Canon’s 5D mk2 camera and the HDSLR revolution. As such, the blog can sometimes be geared a little more towards photography but still has a strong emphasis on filmmaking. Great for industry news in the filmmaking and photography worlds, filmmakers who crossover often will appreciate Planet5D.

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FilmRiot originally started as a YouTube channel to help young filmmakers learn how to make more with less. Over time, FilmRiot has evolved into so much more including the channel, original films you can watch, sound effects to buy, filmmaking competitions, and more!

FilmRiot is another blog that can appeal to anyone from beginner to advanced filmmakers. There’s always something for everyone.

Shane Hurlbut


The HurlBlog is run by Hurlbut Visuals and was started by Shane Hurlbut, ASC. Shane has been working in film since the 1980s and now educates up-and-coming filmmakers about the craft of cinematography.

His blog is geared towards advanced filmmakers who are really interested in the nuances of cinematography and filmmaking like color shifts and characteristics of different cinema lenses.

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