Morale on set can be upheld using something as simple as food. It can also be destroyed easily by the lack of food. Here are some tips to ensure your crew stays happy!

Remember The Two Essentials

“Coffee and water are non-negotiable,” NoFilmSchool says. If you bring nothing else, these two items should always be there. Without them, an early morning shoot will be really hard to stay awake for. 

Make Sure The Food Will Be OK On Set

Don’t buy anything that goes bad easily or can be super messy unless it’s scheduled for a specific meal. If you’re going to buy tuna salad for example, don’t buy it before you plan to serve it and don’t plan to keep it around for a while. Tuna stinks after a while and mayo in the salad can go bad.

Other things to take into consideration are the needs of your crew. Dealing with dietary restrictions can be a real hassle but people really appreciate it when you think about them specifically. Offering food on set is not about just having bread and water for your crew but giving them something they can appreciate and look forward to.

Keep Them Going Strong

Make sure the food you offer is filling and nutritious while still being tasty. You don’t want to only offer junk food and have your crew all get sugar crashes while they’re working. Granola bars and fresh fruit are good options for healthy food that most people can eat while not getting big sugar crashes. Of course, your crew will also need more substantial food for meals but make sure they have some food to keep them going between those meals.

Value Your Crew

At the end of the day, the food you offer your crew says a little bit about how much you value and care about them. Even if you have almost no money for food, do your best to cover the essentials and go beyond that to the best of your ability.

Your crew will thank you for it.

Happy Filming!


Cover Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels

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